We build environmental products that promote harmony with nature. 

Condor has 2 Products: Project Noah and Baboon

Project Noah

Project Noah is a global community of nature enthusiasts identifying and sharing nature observations using our digital platform. Members share wildlife pictures, follow and connect with their favorite naturalists and embark on targeted missions to collect nature data. 

Project Noah has 800,000+ nature observations, 1.6 million+ geotagged nature images, 325,000+ users, 500,000+ iOS downloads and 400,000+ Facebook fans. 

Project Noah is used by amateurs and skilled naturalists to connect with the natural world and share their observations. 


Baboon is a cause-based wildlife game that spreads awareness on the devastating effects of poaching. Players take on the role of a baboon who must protect animals from poachers using a bow-and-arrow. Stellar graphics and casual point-and-shoot gameplay combine for a magical gaming experience.

Baboon is 100% indie with no outside investors or publisher. Baboon has organically reached over 20,000 downloads. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote harmony with nature and healthy ecosystems over the long-term. 

Healthy ecosystems are biodiverse with rich trophic cascades and dynamic interactions among species. Rich trophic cascades and diversity means dynamic food chains with horizontal and vertical feeding opportunities for animals within the ecosystem.  

We explore new approaches to fostering this harmony through proactive engagement with citizens, consumers, businesses, organizations and government agencies. We explore new ideas and methods to reform business activities to ensure they are sustainable over many generations.

We are a mission-focused, employee-owned organization. We are commited to work towards our mission over the long term.

Condor - Behind the Name!

Conservation efforts to save the California condor from going extinct is one of the most exhilirating environmental stories of recovery. 

In 1987, a single condor lived in the wild. Conservation groups worked to gether to capture this remaining condor and breed it with captive condors. Animals fit for the wild were slowly reintroduced. As of 2015, around 228 California condors live in the wild! 

And so, the California condor was brought back from the brink of extinction and now has a real chance at thriving in the wild. We decided to name our organization after this remarkable story of hope and renewal!

The California condor is also the largest land bird in North America. And the condor has for centuries held a symbolic relationship with mankind. 


Michael Sarill, Founder & Managing Director

Michael is an entrepreneur at heart, driven by creative new ideas to solve problems and an optimism for the future. Michael's early career began in digital before he transitioned to his passion for environmental conservation. He graduated from Brown University in 2006 with a Liberal Arts Degree. He engaged in the Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program at UC Berkeley while living in the Bay Area. Michael's passions include wildlife ecology, protecting biodiversity and conservation biology. He loves the outdoors, being around nature and travelling.